"Fear Of A Blank Planet" Drum Fill Drum Lesson (Gavin Harrison & Porcupine Tree)

Gavin Harrison

In this free video drum lesson, I want to show you how to play the cool drum fill/solo idea that occurs at 5:02 into the song "Fear Of A Blank Planet".

The band is Porcupine Tree and their amazing drummer Gavin Harrison is one of my favourites of all time! He's a truly incredible player.

The drum fill features multiple subdivisions and some really tricky hand and foot combinations, but is well worth the effort in learning. You can take so many fun licks out of this drum fill and use them elsewhere in your playing. As usual, Gavin has loads to teach us!

Lets take a look at this famous and popular drum fill now below...


"Fear Of A Blank Planet" - Free Video Drum Lesson

View the video on YouTube HERE - Learn How To Play Fear Of A Blank Planet Video Drum Lesson (Gavin Harrison & Porcupine Tree)


"Fear Of A Blank Planet" - Drum Fill (5:02 Album Version)

Fear Of A Blank Planet Fill Notation (Gavin Harrison & Porcupine Tree)

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