New Drum Chart & Sheet Music Added: "Assassin" (Muse - Dom Howard)

Dom Howard Assissin Drum Chart Sheet Music MuseI'm pleased to announce a new drum chart addition to the website for the song Assassin by Muse. Dom Howard gives an AMAZING drum performance on this track and the sheet music now available, takes you through his drum parts, note for note!

Learn how to play the incredibly exciting and virtuoso chorus section including how to play the Herta's he throws in on the snare drum and around the tom toms. You can't help but become a better drummer by learning the drum chops and drum patterns found in this song.

The full drum chart and sheet music for the song Assassin by Muse can be found by clicking the page title below. I hope you enjoy playing this song as much as I enjoyed transcribing it!

"Assassin" (Muse) - Drum Chart & Sheet Music


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