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In this free drum lesson, I want to teach you the main drum beat to the song “Bonnie The Cat” by Porcupine Tree with Gavin Harrison on drums.

This is one of my favourite Gavin Harrison drum beats from Porcupine Tree. It features a ton of ghost notes, offbeat snare drum back beats and Gavin’s clever use of rhythmic illusions to disguise where the downbeat falls. It has it all!

I highly recommend that you spend time playing this slowly until it turns into muscle memory and is learnt off by heart. This will allow you to go further into the song to also have a go at some of those amazing double bass drum drum fills!

“Bonnie The Cat” (Porcupine Tree) – FREE VIDEO DRUM LESSON

View the video on YouTube HERE – Learn How To Play Drums Song Bonnie The Cat Video Drum Lesson (Porcupine Tree & Gavin Harrison)

“Bonnie The Cat” (Porcupine Tree) – FREE PDF DRUM NOTATION

Bonnie The Cat (Porcupine Tree) - Free PDF drum notation lesson chart transcription (Drum Beat Drum Lesson)

DOWNLOAD: Click Here – Bonnie The Cat (Porcupine Tree) Free PDF Drum Notation


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