Free Drum Lesson - Drums The WordIt was whilst practicing the drums yesterday that I discovered something new and exciting to work on and practice. The reason that it was new and exciting was because it was something that I expected to be able to play but actually found out that I couldn’t…well, at least not as naturally as I had hoped or presumed.

It’s embarrassing for me to admit that the following drum lesson openly discusses my drumming short comings in this area…but that’s cool. We all have drum issues we need to work on otherwise we’d all be Vinnie Colaiuta…oooh, what a cool world that would be!

Let me explain to you what the free drum lesson teaches. The ability to play single and double bass drum notes in and around a hand accent pattern (loud notes played within normal volume notes). The accents can be in any subdivision, such as sixteenth notes or triplets, whilst the cool thing is that the rules applying to this drum technique remain the same.

The drummers focus is supposed to be on the hand accents he/she is playing. The bass drum is going to be used to emphasise or “embellish” the hand accents. Eventually this technique should become instinctive so that the bass drum will just “know” when to play either before or after the hand accent. Either a single bass drum or a double.

I hope you find this free drum lesson insightful and fun to practice. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. You can view the drum lesson by clicking the following link below…

Free Drum Lesson: Emphasising Single Stroke Accents With Single & Double Bass Drum – Drum Solo & Fill Ideas

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