Marc Tallica

“My first reactions were…WOW…MASSIVE…WOW… and “*£!% YEAH!””

Jason Watt

“The full song tutorials are spot on and go through the tracks at a good pace.”

Bob “Oink” Martin

“Long live the fresh faced kid, he did teach an old dog new tricks. Thank you!”

Tony Walsh

“…he has a very natural, relaxed way of explaining things that makes the learning process fun.”

Ed Weeks

“These lessons are awesome and really a great deal for the price.”

Gary Wall

“I have played some of these grooves incorrectly before, but now I know how to do them correctly.”

Angel Celada

“…I think I will have years of fun with this material.”

Jim Steele

“Robert, you are easy to listen to, disarmingly informal, and way to capable for your years!”

Darren Hale

“I can’t recommend these lessons highly enough…”

Nicolas Delatti

“Roberts lessons are a great way to improve your drumming on your own, and this for a very little amount of money.”

Iihan Cohen

“Robert’s video lessons contain great detail both musically and technically.”

John Hiser

“There’s years worth of instruction in these lessons…”

Ian Tennie

“These lessons are INCREDIBLE and excellent value for money!”


“Robert is so good at explaining a song and breaking it down note by note…”

Jeep Keirn

“Rob really knows how to explain the detail of a song and break it down so that even a beginner like myself can benefit greatly.”

Alec Walton

“Rob explains patterns in songs in a way that makes sense to any drummer, no matter what your level.”
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