Difficulty Level**This is a response to an old forum question**

The Milkshake exercise you refer to consists of a double paradiddle played between the high tom and low tom with each of the doubles played on the medium tom. With H representing High Tom, L representing Low Tom and M representing Medium Tom we have… LHLHMMHLHLMM RLRLRRLRLRLL

In the video that I think was being referred to in the original question the teacher talks about playing this in 3/4 so that the whole pattern takes three beats to resolve. You would count it as… 1e+a2e+a3e+a RLRLRRLRLRLL The teacher then suggests you add a bass drum on each beat so in actual fact what you’re doing is playing a bass drum every four notes like this… 1e+a2e+a3e+a RLRLRRLRLRLL B—B—B— This gives the affect of the bass drum playing against the hands because the six note double paradiddle pattern doesn’t quite line up with the four note bass drum pattern.

It take three beats for the hands and feet to resolve and come back to the beginning. So the full pattern looks like this… 1e+a2e+a3e+a LHLHMMHLHLMM RLRLRRLRLRLL B—B—B—



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