In this free drum lesson I’m going to teach you how to play that really cool sounding drum fill at the beginning of the song “Aneurysm” by Nirvana, played by the masterful Dave Grohl.

The song starts with a steady build up on the toms, getting louder and louder. Just before the band kicks in with the riff, Grohl plays a triplet between the toms and bass drum, starting on beat 3 of the bar, and taking up half a beat in total.

The right hand stays on the floor tom to play another note after the bass drum at the end of the triplet, which is then followed by a sixteenth note bass drum note. The snare drum flam and high tom notes take us out of the drum lick.

Don’t forget to also download the free PDF below and happy drumming to you!


Difficulty Level _ Intermediate

Aneurysm” Drum Fill (0:19) – Transcription

Aneurysm Drum Fill Nirvana & Dave Grohl - Drum Transcription

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You can DOWNLOAD the FREE PDF drum notation by clicking HERE.

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