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Blog Entry From Robert Litten
Updated: March 2013
Dear Drummer,

Rob Litten

I’m Rob, the creator and drummer behind DrumsTheWord.com.

I’ve been playing and teaching drums for over 23 years now and in that time have helped 100’s of Drummers to get started on the drums as well helping already established players to get to the “Next Level”.

This downloadable Beginner Video Drum Pack contains 13 Video Lessons that teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about playing the drums.

These Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Videos and Help Sheets will get you playing along to music in no time at all!

Please read on below to find out more about this Beginner Drum Pack.

Happy Drumming to you,

Robert Litten - Drums The Word Owner

Drummer, Teacher & Self Confessed Drum-Nut

13 Beginner Video Drum Lessons & PDF Help Sheets

Easy Step-by-Step Beginner Drum Lessons

Beginner Video Drum Lessons

The 13 Video Drum Lessons included in this Pack teach you everything you need to know about playing the drums.

Once you’ve completed each lesson you can then move onto the next – allowing you to learn the drums at your OWN pace!

The downloadable MP4 Videos have been specially designed to play on any Computer, Tablet or iPhone. PDF Help Sheets have also been included for all lessons that include playing examples.

The videos in this Beginner Pack have been split up into the following bite-sized chunks


“The Basics” | FOUR Videos

The first four drum lessons teach you all about the basics of drumming, including techniques on holding your drum sticks and reading drum music. These four lessons will give you a real solid foundation upon which you can build up your drumming skills!

  • Drum Kit Set Up
  • Stick Grip
  • Bass Drum Technique
  • Learn How to Read Basic Drum Music


“Drum Beats & Fills” | FIVE Videos

The next five video drum lessons take you right into the heart of playing the drums – playing drum beats and fills. There’s no messing about, these lessons will get you playing on the drums quickly and easily!

  • Eighth Note Drum Beats
  • Quarter Note Drum Beats
  • Sixteenth Note Drum Beats
  • Drum Fills
  • Hi-Hat Foot

The first three video lessons teach you how to play various common beginner drum beats, while the drum fill lesson teaches you a selection of really cool drum fills. The fifth video shows you some really fun drum beats that include the opening and closing of the Hi-Hat foot.

Each playing example is played at a SLOW, MEDIUM and FAST tempo for ease of learning.


Beginner Video Drum Pack PDF Help SheetBeginner Video Drum Pack PDF Help SheetBeginner Video Drum Pack PDF Help Sheet




Next Level Lessons” | FOUR Videos

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can then take your drumming to the Next Level with these four more Advanced Drum Lessons

  • Rudiments
  • Snare Drum Variations
  • Bass Drum Variations
  • Drum Fill Variations

These lessons teach you four of the most common Drum Rudiments, more advanced snare drum and bass drum patterns and some really cool advanced drum fills to have a go at as well.

Each playing example is played at a SLOW, MEDIUM and FAST tempo for ease of learning.


Beginner Video Drum Pack PDF Help SheetBeginner Video Drum Pack PDF Help SheetBeginner Video Drum Pack PDF Help Sheet



So, you may be asking…”Just Who is Robert Litten,

and Why Should I Learn From Him?

About Robert Litten

Well, let me tell you a little about myself…

I fell in love with drumming when I was 11 years old – after watching an old VHS Tape of Led Zeppelin performing live. I was mesmerised by John Bonham’s energetic and exciting playing. Over 23 years later and I still find that child-like joy when drumming.

Robert LittenWith no drum teacher initially, I spent my first 10 years playing along to songs in my bedroom for hours at a time. I was improving every day and having a ton of fun – simply from copying my favourite drummers.

It wasn’t until I started formal training at the Academy Of Contemporary Music, where I gained both a Higher Diploma and Degree in Drum Performance, that I realised just how much I’d learnt from Playing Drums Along to Actual Songs.

I mean, don’t get me wrong – I was no John Bonham(?!), but my self-taught musical background had given me a natural and musical foundation from which to build upon as a drummer, and later develop myself as a teacher.

The first private drum lesson I ever taught was over 15 years ago now and I still love  the whole teaching process. I get real satisfaction from watching drummers improve!

Since uploading my first lessons on YouTube, my videos have now received over 3,800,000 Views in total and my YouTube Channel has over 20,000 Subscribers and counting!

This Beginner Video Drum Pack is a culmination of the experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years. These video drum lessons will get you playing on the drums quickly and easily and in a way that’s REALLY FUN!


But don’t just take my word for it…


Beginner Video Drum Pack Testimony

OK, so here’s a Summary of what YOU get…

Beginner Video Drum Pack

To purchase all of these from my website individually would cost you over £95!


The Good News is that you get ALL of this…


  • 13 Beginner Drum Lessons

  • 9 PDF Help Sheets

  • 6+ Hours Of Video Content!

  • Instantly Download to your computer…

…RIGHT NOW, for ONLY £25!

And YES, this complete package is backed by my DrumsTheWord…


Beginner Pack 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


So, what are you waiting for?


DOWNLOAD the “Beginner Video Drum Pack”RIGHT NOW




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