Difficulty LevelIn this free video drum lesson we’re going to take a look at another Who song, this time the intro drum fill from the song Bargain. As always, Keith Moon is playing with his signature sound and style. Simply un-mistakably Keith.

This drum fill helps to show just how dynamic Keith Moon was as a drummer. He wasn’t just about hitting drums as hard as he could – the man had feel and taste!

Let’s take a look and see just how Keith used dynamics in his drumming…


Bargain” – Free Video Drum Fill Drum Lesson

View the video on YouTube HERE – Learn How To Play Drums Bargain Video Drum Lesson (The Who Keith Moon)


Bargain” – Drum Fill (0:12 Album Version)

Bargain Drum Fill Notation (Keith Moon & The Who)

Keith enters on beat 3 of the first bar with a drag (played with his left hand) into beat 3 on the snare drum. He then starts to play a very common six note pattern where the first is accented on the high tom (with the bass drum) the next two snare drum notes are ghosted (played quietly), the next two are accented (the second of which is played with the bass drum) and then a final ghosted snare drum is played with the left hand. This pattern is then repeated on beat 1 of bar 2. All of this drum fill is played hand to hand (RLRL).

Keith plays two high tom notes with the bass drum, in between ghost notes, for the ‘+’ of beat 2 and beat 3 before playing four triplet notes on the floor tom, starting on the ‘+’ of beat 3. This little triplet idea really ends the fill well with a spot of class and style.

As always, Keith just can’t keep of his bass drums and continues to pump out eighth notes for the first bar of the drum beat. Another one of Keith signature sounds.


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