Difficulty LevelIn this free drum lesson, I have the both a drum fill and drum beat from “Chocolate” by The 1975, featuring the drumming of George Daniel.

The first thing to mention is that all Sixteenth notes throughout the song are “swung”. This means that they have the triplet lilt to them when being played. George comes in with the drum beat at 0:10 and features an offbeat accent on the Hi-Hat on the “+” of each beat. Although I haven’t written it down, I notice that when George plays this live his left hand is very quietly filling in all the “swung” sixteenth notes on the snare drum…so technically it’s a two handed groove, but can be played as written until you feel comfortable enough to add the ghost notes in. Notice the open Hi-Hats at the end of each bar and the extra bass drum on beat 4 of bar 2.

The drum fill that occurs at 45 seconds is my favourite in the song. This displays what I was talking about above where both hands are playing alternating singles (RLRL). This time however, all of the hands are played on the snare (except the “+” of beat 3 on the high tom), with the accents falling in various places and all of the other notes being played as quietly as possible as ghost notes…the ones written in brackets. This fill sounds so nice because all of the ghost notes are played very quietly.


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