Hey guys,

I’ve been beavering away today with Windows Movie Maker learning how to use it and what it can do for me. I’ve got some really exciting plans for the future, I’m going to be creating free online drum lessons and so need to learn how to play with video and audio.

I started by creating some basic videos to go with some audio samples of me drumming and it ended up looking really professional – I was chuffed to bits!

On to today’s free drum lesson then…

I found an amazing video of one my drumming heroes online the other day, it was Gavin Harrison performing a rather neat little solo. I decided that I would take just a small one bar extract and discuss it here. Below is the one bar segment…

"Gavin Harrison" - (Porcupine Tree) Drum Beat Video Drum Lesson Notation Chart Transcription Sheet Music Drum Lesson

The 1/32nd notes starting on the “e” of beat 2 are played as double strokes (RRLL) and it ends with a the Hi-Hat played with the foot. This is repeated three times but the third repeat ends with a bass drum AND Hi-Hat note.

The double stroke section is a three note grouping played across the beat. It must be played with accuracy otherwise the whole pattern won’t resolve on the “+” of 4 as shown.

Have fun and if you have any questions about this then please get in contact!


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