The Best Drum Licks & Practice Ideas from “Steve Gadd” DVD

Originally, these practice notes were used for my own private practice routine at home. They were chosen based on what I found to be the most interesting and useful drum ideas from the DVD. I’m pleased to share them with you as well. Hopefully you will get as much enjoyment and hours of drum practice out of these drum licks as I have.

Please Note that all of the stickings have been written for a Right Handed drummer BUT the foot sticking (or footing) has been written specifically for me – a Left Footed drummer. Simply reverse any footing for the bass drum if you use your right foot for the bass drum.


Steve Gadd Practice Notes (PDF Screenshots) – Page 1

Steve Gadd Drum Pracitce Notes & Ideas (Page 1)


Steve Gadd Practice Notes (PDF Screenshots) – Page 2

Steve Gadd Drum Pracitce Notes & Ideas (Page 2)

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