It was my 30th birthday last week…what’s that you say? Don’t look old enough to grow a moustache let alone be in my fourth decade? Well, it’s true my drumming friends. Got some good family genes I guess.

As a big birthday present to myself I decided to take the trip of a life time to New York City and while I was in that part of the world stay with my friend in Montreal. Even as I type this I cringe at how much of a jet setting show off I sound but hey, you’d do the same if you could right?

While enjoying the sites I also checked out some of the local music scene as I needed my fix of drumming while I was away from the drum kit. You know, drumming is supposed to be harder to give up than crack cocaine they say 😉

I was in for a real musical treat as New York and Montreal has some of the best musicians in the world. I wasn’t disappointed.

Check out some of the video I recorded of various drummers during my birthday shindig. Please excuse the poor recording quality as my little hand held camera isn’t the best in the world. I might have had too much drink whilst recording one or two of the clips as well *hick*.

Drummers Of New York City & Montreal

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