Difficulty LevelIn this free drum lesson, I have the drum notation and drum chart for that amazing drum solo featured in the song “Execute” by Slipknot, featuring the drumming of Joey Jordison.

The drum solo features all of Joey’s favourite double bass drum licks…mainly groups of 4 and 6 between the hands and the feet. The groups of four tend to be two hands and two feet, and groups of six, at the end of the solo, are split four on the hands and two on the feet.

There really isn’t anything complicated going on here, it’s just the tempo. You can see on the notation that Joey slams out snare drum accents in certain parts of the bars. These are further indicated with accents above the notation. These are important to play in the right places. There is a single snare and crash played at the end of the first three lines, giving Joey a little break before ending the line with two double bass drum notes.

The whole solo is constructed of three lines of snare and crash stabs followed by the last line around the toms. It then repeats. Feel free to improvise with your own orchestrations of toms…you don’t have to use the toms I have shown! Also, if you have less toms than Joey (most likely!) then you will have to split the toms up around the drums you have available.


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