Difficulty LevelVinnie Colaiuta plays this almighty drum fill in the middle of the song “Don’t Ask Me” by Nik Kershaw. I mean, the fill is pretty “out there” for a pop song and so has captured the imagination of drummers and non-drummers alike, all over the world, ever since the single was released.

In this fee drum lesson I’m going to take a look at this popular and famous drum fill in great detail, explaining exactly how to play the drum lick just as Vinnie does. Although, I can’t promise you will be able to get it up to the same speed as Vinnie! 🙂

Check out the drum fill itself on this Youtube video of “Don’t Ask Me” by clicking here. The drum fill occurs at about 3:15 but don’t worry, you’ll KNOW which one I’m talking about!

This drum fill can be found in the Top 350 Best Drum Fills list on my website. I’m gradually working through the list with the intention of transcribing the greatest and most famous of them, compiling them into a book and then recording the best as a DVD supplement for the future.

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Don’t Ask Me” – Great Drum Fill (3:15 Album Version)

Don't Ask Me Drum Fill (Nik Kershaw & Vinnie Colaiuta) 3:15

The drum fill starts on the ‘+’ of beat 3 in the first bar followed by a single stroke roll of thirty second notes on the hi-hat, ending on the ‘+’ of beat 4. The main bar of the drum fill consists of two types of rhythms. Those found in beats 1 and 3, and those found in beats 2 and 4.

Beats 1 and 3 both start with four thirty second notes, played starting with the left hand in beat 1 and the right hand in beat 3. Both beats end with two sixteenth notes.

Beats 2 and 4 are a lot simpler in the sense that they just contain four sixteenth notes. Beat 2 has a splash played on the ‘e’ and a china cymbal on beat 4. Both beats end with the bass drum on the ‘a’.

This is quite an adventure in sound sources and you will find your hands exploring the whole kit with this drum fill. Beat 1 is particularly difficult with the weird feeling floor tom notes, played with the right hand so look out for that.

The suggested sticking for each beat of the bar is only a suggestion but is closest to how Vinnie played it, although I can’t be completely certain. Feel free to change any of the suggested sticking to whatever suits you best.


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