Difficulty LevelIn this free drum lesson, I have the drum notation for the main drum beats from the song “The Funeral” by Band Of Horses, featuring the drumming of Tim Meining and Sera Cahoone.

Most of the song consists of a three bar sequence containing two bars of standard 4/4 followed by one half bar of 2/4 (containing just two beats). The first drum beat shown below uses this cool little double bass drum hit on beat 3 of both the 4/4 bars and the whole of the bar 2/4. Also notice the extra snare drum falling on the “a” at the end of each bar. The drummer chooses to improvise a little with these three bars as each repetition is not exactly the same as the previous. Feel free to improvise yourself as well by adding and taking out bass drum and snare drum hits.

The chorus drum beat still consists of three bars but each is a standard bar of 4/4. Notice the extra crash cymbal on beat 3 of the first bar and that the first two bars are actually the same beat. The third bar requires the pumping of the bass drum on every sixteenth note whilst the right hand moves to Crash or Ride cymbal. The snare drum on both the “a” of beat 2 and 4 is still played.

For the last section we go back to the two bars of 4/4 and one of 2/4. The first time these three bars are played the pattern is slightly different with extra bass drums being added on the “e” of beat 1 in the second bar. The notation below shows you how it’s played after the first time and then for the rest of the song. It’s like the drummer found the pattern on the second way round. Cool stuff!


“The Funeral” (Band Of Horses) – FREE PDF NOTATION

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