This gig was not intended to be released or uploaded to the web…until now…

Back in April 2013, my band Timshel and I performed a gig at the Hobbit Pub in Southampton, England. We’ve headlined here many times before and are firm favourites with the locals. It’s a great venue with lots of energy, charm and character. Check out their website by clicking here if you like.

By the way, this is the Pub that Stephen Fry tweeted about when the Tolkien estate tried (and failed) to get the venues name changed…justice prevailed in the end though!

Mistakes, tempo rushes, forgotten sections – it’s ALL here. I wanted to give you a real idea of what it’s like to play in a band and how someone like myself deals with those inevitable errors…usually with a big smile and a chuckle if I’m honest.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy the music and if you’re ever in the area then please come say hello!


Timshel Live Performance


Set List

0:07 – “Carbonara No.3
3:19 – “Steve Gadd
7:17 – “Swan Song
10:08 – “She Breathes Fire
12:52 – “We Be Believed
16:47 – “Hatless ‘Till October
21:13 – “Millionaire
24:52 – “Southpaw
27:58 – “Battered By Words
30:33 – “My Killing Spree
33:09 – “Where Did We Go Wrong
35:44 – “Killing In Me
39:20 – “Blame
43:27 – “The Gate
47:42 – “Billy Isn’t Real
51:46 – “Monkey
54:10 – “Squirrels & Balloons
56:45 – “Christmas Tree
1:00:16 – “Heading Out For Conflict
1:04:40 – Encore: “High Angel

Here’s some of my highlights… some rather obvious Bonham foot work in “Millionaire“. A drum solo in “Swan Song“. Some cool double bass drum and tom-tom work in “We Be Believed“. A ‘reversed’ drum beat in “Steve Gadd“. A fun verse groove in “Hatless ‘Till October“. Lightning fast single strokes in “She Breathes Fire“. Super intro drum fill and drum solo in “Where Did We Go Wrong“. Awesome verse groove in “Killing In Me“. Fun ride cymbal pattern for “Blame” chorus. Joyous interaction between the guitarist and me and the beginning of “Monkey“. Tight verse groove for “Heading Out For Conflict“…and the verse groove from “High Angel“.



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