Difficulty LevelIn this free drum lesson, I have the drum beats from “Wolves Of Winter” by Biffy Clyro, featuring the drumming of Ben Johnston

The section transcribed below shows how the band moves from the groove into those band stabs. Ben is playing a simple swung drum beat for two bars but then plays the first two swung bass drum notes as crash stabs in bar 3, before continuing the triplet feel as single stroke sixteenth notes on the snare drum.

In the second section transcribed Ben plays something similar but instead of playing all the triplet notes on the snare drum, he mixes it around the drums. The orchestration is quite tricky as Ben plays the snare, high tom, floor tom combo twice using the sticking RLR. He has to quickly move back to the snare drum after playing the floor tom with his right hand to play the second set.

The most interesting part though is the that this last section is in the time signature of 7/8. This means that there is one eighth note less in each of these bars, and so you can see that the final set of six triplet notes at the end of each bar are cut short by half. This also lends itself to playing the open hi-hat parts at the beginning of each bar with your left hand…as Ben does live as well. The final bar is back to 4/4 (or 8 eighth notes to a bar), and so resolves nicely with a full 6 note triplet fill around the toms and snare.


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