A talented musician by the name of Phil Bolster from Dublin emailed me recently asking if he could use a drum sample from the “My Hero” Free Video Drum Lesson I uploaded a while back for a song he was writing. I was more than happy for him to use any part of the video he liked and to be honest, I didn’t expect to hear back from him again.

Well, Phil did get back to me and has written an Amazing Protest Song about the crisis in Syria. I think it’s best if I let Phil tell you the rest, so here he is in his own words…

Hi I’m Phil from Dublin and I play a bit of guitar and some other stuff.

My musical equipment is vast and advanced beyond comprehension i.e. a PC, cheap Spanish guitar, one cheap Logitech Web Cam, free Demo version of Gold Wave Version 5.67 and a free version of Audacity (1.3 Beta). Basically when I hear some melody or beat or somethin from some song no matter what the genre or how old it is I note it in my phone and then go to work on it at night, usually makin some Hip Hop kinda thing or some instrumental whatever I’m feelin at the time.

I use loops and chop em up and mix’em together until it rocks… the beat is key. I pull sounds from youtube vids like speech segments or bits of instruments (acoustic drums for instance) by converting the YouTube vid to mp3 and opening in GoldWave.

I record guitar through my awesomely cheap webcam (Logitech) using a freebie download of Audacity (1.3 Beta) usually putting on my ‘one side working’ Technics to keep noise down.


About The Song “Free Free Syria”


Just wrote a rhyme for this coz I was pissed off with watchin the news and knowing the U.S. could do somethin bout this. I don’t care about the International Relations, the diplomatic complications or anything about oil or conspiracies I just know these people are gettin murdered and we can do somethin bout it.

I pulled a piano melody from a DJ Loofslaw 2Pac Mash-up called ‘Hold On Be Strong (Airplanes Mix)’ and separated the piano and bass and guitar by using the equalizer in GoldWave best I could… that way I could creat a beat round it and bring it in in layers etc.. then I found a YouTube Drum by ‘DrumsTheWord’ teaching the Foo Fighter drums off ‘My Hero’ which reminded me how cool that beat is. So I took that YouTube and converted to mp3 and opened in GoldWave and isolated the intro part where Rob’s playin it freely and started mixin from there.

You can listen to the MP3 directly by clicking the link below.

Great work, Phil! It’s good to know that there are people out there who are actually trying to make a difference!



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