Free Video Drum Lesson: Six Stroke Roll And Extension

This video lesson is about the drum rudiment called the Six Stroke Roll. Its also known as the Inverted Paradiddle-Diddle.

The pattern consists of six notes and is a combination of singles and doubles. The sticking for this rudiment is R L L R R L.

In this video I will show you how to take the Six Stroke Roll and orchestrate it around the drum kit. The video also demonstrates a cool way of extending the pattern with the addition of extra notes allowing even more creative potential.

The idea is that by adding an additional three note group (R L L), the pattern becomes a nine note group and can be moved from triplet upbeats to triplet downbeats with great ease.

Another full drum lesson teaching the Six Stroke Roll in its natural form (the Para-Diddle-Diddle) can be viewed by clicking here.


Six Stroke Roll And More


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