Free Video Drum Lesson: The Weckl 9 (Hand & Foot Idea)

This drum lesson video is about the Weckl 9 drum fill/lick made famous by the great drummer himself – Dave Weckl.

The idea consists of 9 notes played between the hands and feet and is best and most easily executed through triplets. In this video I show you the ways it can be played as well as four orchestrated variations around the drum kit.

This lick is a great one to impress your band mates/friends with and is a really good work out for the bass drum foot. The drums are recorded through Sibelius and are not actually me performing.

A full free drum lesson teaching how to play this classic lick is also available for viewing by clicking here. You can view two more free drum lesson teaching many more linear style drum beats by clicking here (Beginner Linear Patterns) and here (Intermediate Linear Patterns).

View a new related drum lesson teaching Gospel style linear triplet based drum licks, fills & chops by clicking here.


The Weckl 9


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