Difficulty LevelIn this free video drum lesson I teach you a linear style triplet drum lick that I’m currently working on in my spare time. It doesn’t have a name but it developed from other drum licks and fills that I play. Like most ideas I come up with, they’ve usually evolved from other ideas. This is why I encourage my drum pupils to experiment and improvise so much as you can get so much more from your drumming this way.

The video drum lesson below explains how to play, practice and improvise with this drum lick so lets take a look at it now. The music notation and a little more explanation can be found under the video below.


Free Video Drum Lesson “Triplet Linear Drum Lick (R L L F F L)”

View the video on YouTube HERE – Learn How To Play Drums Linear Gospel Style Drum Lick Fill Video Drum Lesson


The drum lick looks quite simple on paper but it can of course be played very fast, using both the single bass drum pedal and the double bass drum pedal as well. The drum lick is easiest to understand when written as sixteenth note triplets, as follows…


R L L F F L – (R = Right Hand, L = Left Hand, F = Bass Drum Foot)

Linear Triplet Lick


Played As A Whole Bar Of Sixteenth Note Triplets

During the video I show you how to play this lick as a whole bar of sixteenth note triplets. That would look like this…

Linear Triplet Lick

The next thing you might like to try is ending the lick with a crash cymbal. This is also discussed during the video drum lesson. The notation would look like this. Notice the right hand moves to the crash cymbal and is played with the bass drum.


Resolving On A Crash Cymbal

Linear Triplet Lick

During the video drum lesson I talk about a rhythmic framework you can use to practice this lick within. The following notation shows you how you would count and feel the grouping through sixteenth note triplets.


Basic Sixteenth Note Triplet Practice Template

Linear Triplet Lick

Finally, lets look at what the drum lick would look like when written out fully using the above practice template.


Drum Lick Written Within Practice Template

Linear Triplet Lick


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