Difficulty LevelWhat is it with drumming? I’m sat at my kit jamming away and I before I know it a whole hour has passed without even realising it! I’ve been working on my linear style hand and foot combinations again and I’m loving it. I’m still trying to get these babies up to a speed that really impresses but for now I’m enjoying the practice. Some I’m pretty good at (groups of six and three’s) but others are not so “groovy“.

Anyway, it dawned on me that the Gospel style of drumming that has emerged over the last few years has totally influenced my playing. I now consciously practice my triplet based linear hand and foot licks as “show off” chops. I intend to learn them so I can melt a few faces…hopefully. Sometimes, you just want to let rip a little on stage and when the moments right you can really go for it with gospel and linear style drum licks and fills.

It’s in this linear, triplet, Gospel music related style that I feel most excited. So much so that i decided to write a lesson on the subject. You can view the full lesson here…

Free Drum Lesson: Linear, Gospel & Triplet Style Drum Licks & Fills

In this lesson I take four of my favourite hand/foot linear style groups of six and three and combine them to make all kinds of cool ideas. The basic four linear patterns are shown below.

1. Three Notes: Two Hands/One Bass

Gospel Linear Triplet Lick

2. Six Notes: Four Hands/Two Bass

Gospel Linear Triplet Lick

3. Six Notes: Five Hands/One Bass

Gospel Linear Triplet Lick

With these four basic linear hand foot combinations you can combine them to create longer and more musical gospel style linear chops. Here are a few examples from the lesson…

Gospel Style Linear Example 1

Gospel Linear Triplet Lick

Gospel Style Linear Example 2

Gospel Linear Triplet Lick

Gospel Style Linear Example 3

Gospel Linear Triplet Lick

The lesson goes on further and talks about using linear/gospel style licks within drum beats and grooves too. Here’s one example of this.

Gospel Style Linear Groove Example 1

Gospel Linear Triplet Lick

I hope you find this drum lesson useful and more importantly, fun! Playing gospel licks and fills is great fun and just so happens to be great for your drumming as well! Bonus.

This drum lesson and other related linear drum lesson are available for viewing by clicking below…

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