Difficulty LevelThe Drum Solo that Tre Cool plays on the song Burnout by Green Day is without doubt one of Tre Cool’s coolest drum performances. He really pulls out all of the stops with this beauty of a solo.

The great thing about Tre is that his drum licks tend to be the kind that the average drummer can pick up and learn without too much effort. He’s the “People’s Drummer” if you like due to his open an inclusive licks and tricks. Anyone can have a go!

Saying that though, he does play very fast and so those simple ideas become something else when sped up to the tempo of the song. With a little bit of patience and careful practice though this drum solo is well within reach of the average drummer.

So lets take a look at it now…


How To Play Burnout Drum Solo

View the video on YouTube HERE – Learn How To Play Drums Burnout Solo Video Drum Lesson (Green Day & Tre Cool)


This drum solo occurs at 1 minute 23 seconds into the song.

Each of the four lines of the drum solo start with the same snare and crash cymbal stabs. The snare drum is played on beats 2 and 4 while the bass drum and crash cymbals are played around it.

The first drum fill bar (Bar 2 of line 2) is simply a line of sixteenth notes played between the snare drum and high tom RLRL. Two on the snare drum and two on the high tom. The last beat of the bar (beat 4) is played just on the snare drum (RLRL).

Bar 2 of line 2 uses a three note figure, where Tre plays two sixteenth notes and then rests one. The bass drum is playing eighth notes underneath throughout the whole bar (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +). The hands start on the snare drum and then move up and around the tom toms, ending on the floor tom.

Bar 2 of line 3 is simply a full line of sixteenth notes, played RLRL, again using a three note figure. One note on the snare drum followed by two notes between the high tom and medium tom. Because the hands are alternating the tom toms get alternated as well. The bar is resolved on the “+” of beat 4 with two snare drum notes.

The last line of the solo starts the same as the previous three and then moves into a broken sixteenth note rhythm. Beat 1 is a flam note on the snare drum followed by further snare drum notes moving across the beats of the bar. The bar ends with Tre’s signature fill in this song, a sixteenth note triplet lick starting on the medium tom and ending on the floor tom.

Tre then moves into Chorus 3 of the song as shown below.


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