Difficulty LevelIn this free drum lesson, I have the drum notation for my favourite drum beat from “Parabola” by Tool, featuring the drumming of Danny Carey.

This is another great example of Danny’s inventive use of the FULL drum kit when creating drum beats. He uses a selection of toms to create a melody within the groove that is both musical and creative.

As with notating all tom tom grooves, it is very hard to hear exactly what Danny is playing…such as which tom he is playing or where the bass drum falls down underneath. So this is my best attempt and transcribing that for you. Feel free to play the tom hits on your own selection of toms how you see fit. But if you see the melody move down the toms or up the toms, then try to replicate that best you can.

I’m pretty sure I can hear the bass drum fall on the “+” of beat 4 at least a couple of times but not every time. The other bass drums are quite important though as they fill in the gaps for the hands and help to emphasise both beat 1 and beat 4.

Notice just the single snare drum back beat on beat 2 as well as the use of the left hand playing three notes in a row at the end of the bar. This could be played as single strokes instead if you liked by just missing out the floor tom on the “+” of beat 4.


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