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In this free video drum lesson, I want to show you how to play a drum fill from the song “Vicarious” by Tool, drummed by Danny Carey.

The drum fill in question occurs at 2:42 into the song and could almost be considered a drum solo, due to the way it stands out in the track. There are so many cool licks and grooves in this song, but this one had a lot of smaller ideas that I thought drummers could take out and use elsewhere in their playing.

In this lesson I break down both bars of the lick and talk about groupings of five, double bass drum quads and groupings of six…some really juicy stuff. Have fun!

Free PDF Drum Notation: You can view and download the free pdf drum notation that comes with the lesson by clicking HERE.


“Vicarious” (Tool) DRUM FILL – Free Video Drum Lesson


Vicarious” Drum Fill – Transcription

"Vicarious" - (Tool) Drum Fill Video Drum Lesson Notation Chart Transcription Sheet Music Drum Lesson

You can DOWNLOAD the FREE PDF drum notation by clicking HERE.


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