"Hey Joe" Drum Fills Lesson (Jimi Hendrix & Mitch Mitchell) - Free Video Drum Lesson

In this free drum lesson I'm taking another song from the Best 350 Drum Fills Of All Time list and working out how to play the great drum fills it contains. This time the song is "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix, featuring the drumming talents of the sadly missed Mitch Mitchell.

Mitch Mitchell is famous amongst drummers for his super fast and impressive hand/sticking work. He would often blaze around the drums at lightning speed playing licks that most drummers would kill for! He also enjoyed using the drum rudiments in a way that made them exciting and fun!

This song features four great and popular drum fills. We will be looking at each of these blistering licks in turn. In the free video drum lesson itself I go over how to play only the top two but included the other two below as an extra bonus for you to enjoy.

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FREE PDF DOWNLOAD: You can download the music as a .PDF document by clicking the link titled "jimi-hendrix-hey-joe-drum-fills.pdf" found at the bottom of this page.


"Hey Joe" - Free Video Drum Lesson

View the video on YouTube HERE - Learn How To Play Hey Joe Drum Fills Video Drum Lesson (Jimi Hendrix & Mitch Mitchell)


"Hey Joe" - Various Drum Fills

Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix & Mitch Mitchell) Drum Fill Music Notation

So there you go, I hope you found this useful and that it has given you some fun ideas for the practice room.

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