Free Video Drum Lesson: The Matched Grip – Drum Stick Grip/Technique

The following video demonstrates how to hold the drum stick using the “Matched Grip” technique. This is by far the most popular technique used for holding drum sticks around the world.

The grip is called the Matched Grip because both hands hold the drum stick in exactly the same manner. Both hands match each other.

This grip allows the drummer to play more advanced techniques such as double stroke rolls and buzz rolls. This is because the stick grip allows the stick to move within the drummers hand freely and create space for the stick to bounce and move under its own momentum.

There are other stick grips that drummers can learn such as the Traditional Grip and French Grip but these aren’t as popular or adaptable in my opinion. When first starting out on the drums it’s highly recommended that you learn the matched grip.

How To Hold Your Sticks In Matched Grip

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