It’s been Bonham week this week here at Drums The Word as I prepare to launch the new John Bonham “Ultimate Video Drum Lesson Collection”. This package will be offering every single Bonham video drum lesson I’ve ever recorded, plus the full length Rock And Roll Drum Solo video drum lesson, as one heavily discounted package deal. It’s going to contain over 5 hours of drum video lesson footage and feature nine different Led Zeppelin tracks!

In the meantime though, I thought it would be cool to hear from the man himself. We’ve all heard him play but have you heard him being interviewed before? Bonham was truly a modest man with sharp sense of humor. A monster behind the kit, a gentleman in front of it. Look out for the awkward camera zooms at the end of the second video…got to love how dated this looks now, made me giggle!

Rare 1980 Interview with Billy Connolly…

1970 interview just before they became legendary (starts 2:18)

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